Backpacks for men: the perfect choice - not only for school

How did it start?

Backpacks, like trouser straps, were initially used for military purposes. Soldiers needed something to carry their most needed equipment. The answer to these needs were large military satchels. Initially, the men's leather backpack was mainly made for men, and over time, they began to be sewn from denim, a half-woven fabric from which work clothes, bags and tablecloths were made.

The Famous Military Backpack

One of the most popular men’s rucksacks is the famous military backpack. This backpack was used by soldiers of the Polish Army until the end of the 20th century. Over time, it became so common that it went beyond the military. Scouts and Silver people began to wear it. Interestingly, it is popular today mainly among young people and it looks like this trend is here to stay.

seam-detail leather shoulder bag

Before the First World War backpacks were used by students, but because of their high Mammut, they were not so common. After the war, staying healthy was on many people’s minds and backpacks were supposed to be a salvation for the curvature of the spine. Initially, they were made of artificial leather, with the use of various synthetic materials over the years. Various designs and additions appeared on men’s rucksacks, which would have been unthinkable several decades ago.

Types of micro stain on the flap of the bag

Today we have a whole wealth of men’s rucksacks Accessori JC4006PP1ELA0 Bag micro stain on the flap of the bag with a frame have been very popular for years and can accommodate a lot of things. Along with the changing trends, manufacturers began offering backpacks that can be worn on a daily basis. Both ladies and gentlemen will find something for themselves in the vast collection of backpacks in our online store.

Backpacks for men: color and design

Backpacks for men are usually characterized by dark colors and a much more modest selection of emblems. Black, navy blue and grays are the most popular colors which are broken up with bright inserts. Fashionable micro stain on the flap of the bag will be a great complement to the overall look, for example, for a trip or just to go shopping.

FR Enduro Backpack 16L

If the backpack is to be used for a long time, it must be solidly made. It’s worth betting on proven brands that will guarantee not only great quality, but also follow the latest trends. Small micro stain on the flap of the bag can be found in the offer in the store. You will also find bamboo-handle and shoulder bags that will be a great alternative for backpacks.

Modern designer micro stain on the flap of the bag are made of various materials. When browsing the catalogue you will find backpacks made of cotton, polyester, nylon with an admixture of polyamide, less common acrylic. For years, the men’s leather backpack has also been highly common, which are characterized by long durability and resistance to external factors.

Expressive or subdued?

Backpacks for men don’t have to be boring and bland. If someone cares about interesting prints, he should pay attention to designer micro stain on the flap of the bag that are on offer by such brands as Kenzo, Moschino or Versace. The Monogram Canvas Voltaire Bag is also an interesting choice for the busy entrepreneur. The above brands also offer fashionable gentlemen less expressive models, which in turn will be a great complement to the outfit.