“Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, with a renowned reputation for creativity, innovation and Italian craftsmanship. Gucci is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands. For further information about Gucci, visit”.

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Monogrammed slides od Gucci Monogrammed slides od Gucci


Monogrammed slides

Leather cowboy boots od Gucci Leather cowboy boots od Gucci


Leather cowboy boots

Patterned scarf od Gucci Patterned scarf od Gucci


Patterned scarf

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Checked blazer

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‘GG Marmont 2.0’ quilted shoulder bag

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Heeled sandals

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Quilted heeled boots

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Розкішні новинки 2018-2019 від gucci

Monogrammed shoulder bag od Gucci Monogrammed shoulder bag od Gucci


Monogrammed shoulder bag

Gucci Pre-Owned Bamboo Guccissima zip-around wallet od Gucci Gucci Pre-Owned Bamboo Guccissima zip-around wallet od Gucci


Gucci Pre-Owned Bamboo Guccissima zip-around wallet

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"Elegance means a possibility of changing shoes several times a day," Guccio Gucci, Nike and H&M Gucci brand – a symbol of luxury all over the world, used to say. The fashion empire is not only about clothes, but also about Gucci perfumes: sensual, with a definite strong scent. The brand has been popular for years. Find out why millions of people have trusted this brand!

London luxury

Guccio Gucci, the brand's founder, developed his fashion taste somewhere between the floors of the London Savoy Hotel. Liftman profession gave him a chance of meeting people from the upper crust. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he already owned a shop with accessories and equestrian equipment. But the real beginning of the empire was launching the production of magnificent item, the Gucci bag. The activity of the owner, supported by his sons, allowed the company to grow overseas in the middle of the last century. The success of the company has intertwined with criminal stories and family disputes, thanks to which each collection has had always a unique style.

Gucci bag - Солнцезащитные очки в стиле gucci

The brand's success began with leather accessories, such as Gucci belt or bag. Not surprisingly, one of the most Balenciaga accessories can be found among this group. “Bamboo", the city's chic handbag with bamboo handles, has been produced in millions copies worldwide. Why do women love this style so much? Of course, for the classic combination of the best materials and simple design. Timeless elegance is the best accessory for years. Gucci bags and other items can be found in our online store.

Every women fragrance

The sense of smell is probably the most important gift from the mother nature. Aromachology is a science that deals with fragrances. Specialists consider that smell has an impact on understanding the other person and achieving a balance between the body and mind.

Gucci perfumes will be a good advisor and support every day. Characteristic fragrances, which already in the 1980s delighted women, are a symbol of elegance all over the world. Gucci perfume are an attribute of every beautiful and self-confident woman. They will provide you with courage and flow. You'll be beating off admirers if you spray your neck with this fluid luxury!

Gucci Gucci Jacquard-Hemd aus Seide Nude

The company's distinctive logotype, two intertwined letters G, was created in the 1960s. It is already then, when in the streets of Italy, France and the United States one could find women who have trusted this Italian style. Among amateurs of brand style we can distinguish Queen Elizabeth II (still a princess then) or Elizabeth Taylor. No wonder then, the whole world was absolutely delighted, when Audrey Hepburn was wearing glasses with the Gucci logo.

Sunglasses gucci super mini gg marmont crossbody bag item Gucci t-shirt and coats, that will stay beautiful and stylish for years.

Wind of changes and progress

The history of the brand family shows that coincidence is the progress incentive. When Mussolini's governments blocked the supply of raw materials, for new projects in the 1930s Gucci had to use another type of leather. This makes the products much more beautiful and delicate to the touch.

Passing the brand under the care of professionals has resulted in a real madness among high fashion observers. Tom Ford, a former creative director, brought to the company a breath of freshness. Shoes, among which one should pay attention also to Gucci trainers, designed by Ford are the quintessence of a good taste.

Today, the company is being lead by Alessandro Michele, who tries to pull it out of stagnation. There are voices raising on a new chapter in the history of the Gucci family - full of freshness and innovative consequence. Changes are always the progress incentive And the Gucci fashion house history confirms this fact.

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