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Jeans for women- real hit for many decades

They are now a regular feature of wardrobes of women all over the world. But it has not always been so. The trendy ripped jeans for women became popular relatively late, in the second half of the 19th century. There’s an interesting story to jeans, which is worth exploring. It is a story about the struggle for equality and the abolition of harmful stereotypes.

Pants slowly enter the canon of women's fashion

Until recently skirts and dresses were the only acceptable attire for ladies. Few imagined that women could wear something else. Pants were the domain of men, and for some they were a symbol of masculinity. That's why some men barely acknowledged the fact that ladies "borrowed" so called “pantaloons” from them (also called "bloomers"), which in a sense has helped to start breaking stereotypes. They were worn by Amelia Jenks Bloomer, the famous representative of Crop and editor of the magazine "The Lily". On its pages, she started a fight for the abolition of restrictions concerning women's clothing. She demanded not only the permission for women to wear trousers, but also proposed the reduction of the acceptable length of skirts and dresses.

Bloomer has gained a lot of enthusiasts and followers. One of them was and Elizabeth Smith Miller, who not only designed the knee-long skirt, but also developed a model of women's pants.

It is said that initially men had a somewhat “allergic” reaction women in trousers. They removed them from restaurants, mocked them and do everything to make them return to the old and, in their opinion, truly feminine style.

They got used to the new women’s fashion in the 20th century with the outbreak of the First World War. As dresses were not very practical at that time, women’s trousers were finally commonly accepted. In the period between the wars, Marlene Dietrich became an ambassador of trousers for women - she loved to wear a suit with wide pants. The word has it that the Parisian Chief of Police was so disgust by the site, he issued a warrant for her to leave France!


Fashionable jeans for women over the years

Finally, women’s fashion was ready for women’s jeans. They appeared in 1873 due to Levie Strauss, but back then they were not that popular and were mainly worn by blue-collar workers and young girls, who would work physically. 

Only as late as 1922 the company met women’s expectations and designed first pair of jeans for women. They were narrowed in the knees and had a mid-length. Classic Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie were worn with high boots mostly. It was not an elegant look, but women loved it anyway.

In the following years, more and more designers and companies paid attention to the changing fashion tastes of women. It was clear that jeans are the undisputed bestseller. At first, they had a pro-proletariat character but with time it gradually changed. In the 1970s it turned out that fashionable women’s jeans Trapeze zipped jacket.

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This trend lasts to this day. Women have grown to love jeans and do not intend to give them up. Every day countless pants are sold: fashion features The End T-Shirt Kids Heart Print T-Shirt.

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