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Necklace with teddy bear head long pendant necklace will bring out the cleavage and a delicate sterling silver necklace will highlight your skin tone. A nice piece of jewelry on your neck is a proven trick to revive your style. If you don’t know what to choose, check our proposals for you.

Let's give the king what is rightfully his

The list of Givenchy success is as extensive as the one of its scandals. It has long been known that Riccardo Tisci loves fashion no less than sensation. First, his creations on the catwalk were presented by a transsexual model Lea T, then in 2014 the promotional session featured Mariano Ontañón, breaking the stereotype of a real man. The model, dressed in scanty shorts and stockings divided public opinion and the world of fashion. Especially that next to his photo were the photographs of warrior women.

However, the golden crown of the king of scandals goes to Necklace with shell. The title of the king of scandals was won a few years ago, when the brand created a collection of crucifixes. It included a rich jewels studded crosses, framed in thick gold chains. The designer enriched them with black roses, the symbols of the Virgin Mary, and some chubby cherubs. The distinctive symbol of the fashion house on the reverse added additional turmoil.

Following the trend, Givenchy decided to design fashionable women’s necklaces APRÈS-SKI - FROM THE SLOPE TO THE STREET classic dress will give a boost of extravagance.

Stylists are clear: not every woman will look good in gold. Following this advice, remember that?

For everyday outfit, delicate and neutral accessories always work best. The most popular ones are the classic will bring out the cleavage and a delicate. Remember, however, that the choice of one of these options is not just a matter of taste.

Stylists are clear: not every woman will look good in gold. Following this advice, remember that silver necklaces for women work best for women with a cold skin tone. The skin with a cool tone regains luster also surrounded by pearls and crystals.

Those of us who have a warm skin tone should love gold. The shiny metal will not only brighten your face, but it will also underline the natural reflections of the hair and beautifully show off the color of your clothes.

When choosing clothes, follow the same rule. If you are not sure what type of skin tone you have, do a short test.

First, check if your hair has any red reflections. If so, you can be sure you have a warm complexion. Additional make up tricks will allow you to be sure of your choice.

Apply bronzer on a clean face on one side and a blush on the other side of the face. Take a mirror and go outside and check which of the cosmetics significantly improves the appearance of skin. If the blush has highlighted the imperfections and redness face, is a sign that you have a warm skin tone. Remember that warm skin tone loves browns and earth tones.

Necklaces for women and designer necklaces for any style  

Matching a perfect necklace to a dress is a real art. The wrong choice can spoil our efforts of impeccable look. It is worth remembering a few rules that will allow you to avoid a faux- pas.

Rule number one: V-neck goes best with a long and massive pendant. If it is perfectly fitted in the V shape, it will emphasize the cleavage and the cut of clothes.

Match the built-up neckline with elegant necklaces that are close to the neck. This shape of neckline will be perfectly completed by designer necklaces like a metal pendant from Versace.

Classic boat works best in the company of earrings. However, if you insist on guarding this  style with an elegant necklace, choose as delicate one as possible. Thin chain without a pendant will be the best choice.

Download the updated version of the app luxury jewelry like a thick maxi chain and a necklace with huge crystals and stones.

If you do not like this type of jewelry, you can easily replace it with a cashmere shawl or silk scarf.